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In addition to the Dietary Guidelines and Medical Restrictions for the wellbeing and comfort of all our guests participants are expected to adhere to the following guidelines and commitments in cooperation with our team:

  • Please respect the land
    Avoid polluting, leaving litter or interfering with plants and animals that live there.

  • Please respect the buildings

  • Please respect personal property
    Keep your possessions in your room, do not leave them behind and avoid touching or taking someone else's personal property. We are not responsible for any lost or missing items.

  • Please respect the Dietary Guidelines
    Do not bring any food with you. The meals that are prepared for you on the retreat are specially made to assist with your healing and transformation. If you have specific dietary requirements, please let us know in advance so we can best accommodate your needs.

  • Please respect the Medical Restrictions
    Absolutely no alcohol or recreational drugs including cannabis/marijuana is allowed during the retreat. Participants cannot take some medications until the retreat is over. Please let us know in advance if you take any medications or supplements.

  • Please respect other participants' space
    Refrain from swearing, excessive talking or physical contact with other guests. Staff members are always available for you to discuss any issues. Also group sharing sessions will be arranged during the retreat.

  • Please respect sexual boundaries
    Sexual contact and conduct of any kind is absolutely inappropriate during your stay. If you develop romantic feelings please refrain from expressing them in any way until the retreat is over.

  • Please be committed to the recovery process
    We will support you during emotional and physical challenges. However, if you decide to leave before the retreat is over, we will help arrange your early return. There are no refunds. Airlines usually charge a $500-600 fee to change the flight date. Those extra fees are the participants' responsibility.


In spare time participants may rest sitting in nature, journal or write, listen to audio-books or music (recommended acoustic only, respecting the peace of other participants), read, sleep, dream, have visions, meditate, have guided walks in nature, socialize, do breath-work, yoga, Pilates or other exercises, do other activities that can still the mind and allow to experience intuitive feelings. It is important to be gentle with yourself and your body during this process, as you are going through intense physical and mental cleanses, purges and transformations.

Please reduce phone, Internet and other digital experiences to a minimum. At the retreat center you might not have any Internet connection.


To help with the healing progress there will be 'sharing circles' during the retreat to talk through the experiences, support, encourage and help each other. We can also facilitate meditation and breath-work sessions.

If you are a smoker, please bring enough supply to last for you until the end of the retreat. While at the retreat center, there will not be any place to purchase cigarettes. If you would like to quit smoking, as an option - during the retreat you may ask the facilitating shaman to help you heal the nicotine and/or marijuana smoking addiction as well in addition to an alcohol and/or substance abuse addiction.  

If you require medical attention, we will assist you to the nearest appropriate healthcare facility. However, any medical costs are the participants' own responsibility.

If any items are left behind, we will store them for up to 10 days after the retreat is over before donating to a local charity, unless we are contacted with arrangements to have them returned.

If you are having trouble with any of the above described requirements please let us know. If commitments are broken by any of the participants we will try to resolve the situations discreetly. However, we reserve the right to deny access to the retreat and its events at any time with or without prior notice and expressed reason for it, and request and ensure that those individuals leave the retreat center. There is no refund of any kind if retreat is terminated prematurely and participant is requested to leave or is leaving on his/her own free will before retreat is over.

Addiction Recovery Retreat Guidelines

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